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A little on my background

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My name is Mory, I work and live in New York City as a Graphic Designer. As you can see, my primary background is not nutrition or fitness. But as almost anything on earth, it’s possible to have expertise on subjects that was not studied in school. It takes passion and dedication!😁

Honestly when you are passionate about something, it even drives you to  get better at it. For instance, I learned many other subjects in school in which I barely wanted to know more after I was done with the course. You know why? 🤔 Well, I had no passion in it. I was taking it just because I had to. For the grade and move on.  Without passion and interest, it’s really hard to be pursuit any activity.

During the last pass years, I have shown lots of interest in nutrition which play important role in our well being.  This interest started when I was taking a biology course in Brooklyn College. I really got a lot from that course regarding how  living things function. Especially, the human body. I then started to educate myself more in nutrition and the human body. I read books and articles and was like….Man, why didn’t I know all of this earlier?

I started to realize that our body is a complex mix of cells which form organs. Organs put all together make a unique living being, which is us. It’s like a team working together as one. Team work!😀

These cells in our body need vital nutrients to function properly (maintenance, growth, multiplication, defense…). Not giving them what they need could make them work less efficiently, causing us to become sick.

I then decided to eat more intelligently, giving my body what it really need while limiting any foods that could be harmful for my well being .

It’s a win-win game!

Why did I create this blog?

As I started educating myself on nutrition, I realized that most of my friends and family members had also limited knowledge in the subject.

Nutrition is not something we worry about much in our everyday life even though we eat every day. Maybe because it is not advertise as drugs are  on TV.  No wonder why drugs are advertise more, they do make profits to the drug companies. it’s like these companies wait until we get sick to come to our rescue.

What about helping us to prevent the diseases link to malnutrition in the first place? I guess the only beneficiary here will be us! Diseases like hypertension or diabetes can easily be avoided by adopting a good eating lifestyle and physical exercise.

So I created this blog to share my interest in nutrition with others.  It also motivate me to learn more about it because every writing in the product of deep research and readings. So it’s a win-win game☺️

Since eating goes in perfect tandem with physical exercise,  this blog will also provide contents related to fitness.


Thanks again for visiting!